Welcome to DOG SENSE TRAINING AND BEHAVIOUR Accredited with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers Behaviour and recommended by local veterinary practices.

Gabrielle specialises in working with reactive dogs and rescue dogs who often show complex behavioural issues.
Do you need help with training your dog?
Does your dog display any behaviours that you don’t know how to manage or resolve?

Does your dog or puppy pull on the lead, not return when you call them, jump up at people, lunge and bark at other dogs or people, bite at your feet, bark when you leave them alone, are afraid of the vacuum cleaner?  
These are all common problems that we can help you with at DOG SENSE Training and Behaviour.  
We use only force free, kind, reward -based training methods, which have been developed from understanding how dogs actually learn and retain information.  Learn to understand your dog, establish a stronger connection and make training and working with your dog rewarding and fun.
DOG SENSE offers:

  • Bespoke Behavioural Packages to help with any behavioural problems, offering clear, achievable solutions with ongoing support.
  • 1 to 1 Training Sessions to cover every aspect of behaviour and training whether this is to help with commoin problems or more complex issues.
  • Bespoke Puppy Problem behavioural advice to answer your questions about common puppy problems and behaviours. 
  • Bespoke 1 to 1 Training Packages for adult dogs and puppies, either at your home or in the training field. 
  • Help with reactive dogs, learn how to gently change your dog’s attitude, to create a calmer and happier dog.
  • Help with more serious behavioural issues including aggressive behaviours to people and other dogs.

Dog Training Services

Positive training using force free methods based on scientific understanding of how dogs learn.

puppy training

Give your puppy the best start in life, to create a happy and social adult dog.

Puppy Foundation Classes - Puppy and Young Dog Socialisation and Life Skills Classes - Puppy Consultations - Puppy 1 to 1 Training.

dog training

Dog Training for Puppies, Adult Dogs, Rescue Dogs, Nervous Dogs. Children's Classes. 

Group Classes - 1-2-1 Training - Doggy Parkour - Scentwork Classes

Behavioural Consultations and Training

Bespoke Behavioural Consultation Packages to help in all areas of problem behaviours, including Separation Anxiety, Resource Guarding, Reactivity towards other Dogs and People, Anxiety, Noise Phobias.

Behaviour consultation - 1 to 1 Behavioural Training at your Home -

Deaf Dog Training

Bespoke training sessions to help you communicate effectively with your deaf dog. Eye contact, recall, wait, stay, down, agility training.  Your deaf dog CAN lead a normal life....

1 to 1 Training

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Full Behavioural Consultation £325.00
Bespoke Behavioural Packages for Dog reactive Dogs start at £150.00
1 to 1 Training Starter Session £95.00
1 to 1 Training £45.00