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If you are experiencing any behavioural issues with your dog or dogs, this Consultation is designed to help you.  Many of my more extreme cases are taken as referrals from Veterinary Practic [Read more ...]

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If you are experiencing any behavioural issues with your dog or dogs, this Consultation is designed to help you.  Many of my more extreme cases are taken as referrals from Veterinary Practices who send clients to me to get help with many different behaviours.
  • Reactivity towards other dogs this may be mild or it may be a full blown aggressive response. Behaviours always escalate, so it is much better to seek help as soon as possible.  
  • Reactivity towards people from mild reactivity to more aggressive reactions.
  • Resource guarding
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fear related responses, whether this to noise or any other cause.
  • Problems resulting from lack of socialisation or incorrect socialisation.
  • Working with issues in multi-dog households.
  • Issues with toilet training.
  • Working with dogs pre and post spaying or neutering.
  • General anxiety, fear, or nervousness.
  • Problems with toilet training.
  • Car sickness and not wanting to go into the car.
  • General training problems such as lack attention lack of recall, pulling on the lead, 
  • Chasing issues whether this is cars, joggers, sheep, horses. 
  • Dogs who are ‘shutdown’ and depressed.
  • Over excitement.
  • Fear going to the vets.
 During the consultation I will help you understand why your dog is displaying the behaviour and work with you to give you the ‘tools’ to help you both control and then help change the behaviour through practical management and achievable exercises.
  •  After the initial contact I will ask you to book the consultation on-line. As part of the checkout process you will be asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire which will give me a lot of information on the background of your dog so I can analyse why they are practicing the behaviours. Please fill this form in with as much detail as possible as every fact however small is always useful to me.
  • If immediate advice is needed for management of issues such as reactivity (aggression) towards dogs or people, resource guarding, extreme fear or anxiety I will have an initial phone call or a zoom session with you to discuss any immediate management and safety protocol that needs to be put in place to keep your dog safe. 
  • If you have not already done so I will also ask you to take your dog for a check up with your vet to rule out any medical issues.  Sometimes unwanted behaviours are caused by pain, dogs are very good at hiding pain, so a check by your vet is very important.  I am very happy to talk to your vet regarding any issues.
  • I will then contact you to arrange the consultation at your home this will take between around 3 hours.
  •  Following this visit I will send you a report containing notes on what we discussed at the consultation, how to implement any management changes discussed, and detailed specific exercises to follow to start to change the behaviours.  This will act as a reference for you to refer to when needed.
  • Clients report back that they gain a huge amount of information from this initial visit and that understanding why the behaviour is happening transforms the way they work with their dog.  The exercises we look at are detailed, achievable and easy to follow.
The cost for the Behavioural Consultation Home Visit is £295

For most behavioural issues I will then recommend a series of individual 1 to 1 Training Sessions at the Training Areas in Brockhampton so that I can work intensively with you on further ways to help with the behavioural issues.  I like to continue to  work closely with you and  your dog as ongoing support is so important in giving you confidence and helping the dogs to learn in a safe and controlled environment.
For dog reactive dogs I set up  test situations to show you how to work with your dog and to practice the exercises in a controlled environment where your dog can learn how to react correctly.
This will be further exercises for you to use day to day, and we will also do some more general work using my extensive ‘Doggy Parkour Course’ which is designed to show you how to reduce stress, reduce anxiety, elevate mood, promote engagement while allowing your dog (and you) to have fun.

1 to 1 Sessions can be booked as a block of 4 or individually and cost £45 per hour long session.
The techniques and training I use are all based on the latest research, are reward based, kind and effective.  Changing a dog’s behaviour is not a quick fix and requires dedication and understanding.  Sadly I do not have a magic wand, but I am here to help you all the way, and the pleasure in seeing positive results will make all the dedication worthwhile.
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