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If you are experiencing any problem behaviours with your dog or dogs, this package is designed to help you.  Dogs are an amazing, they have adapted to live with humans over many thousands of year [Read more ...]

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If you are experiencing any problem behaviours with your dog or dogs, this package is designed to help you.  Dogs are an amazing, they have adapted to live with humans over many thousands of years, but the pace of modern life, and what we expect from our dogs in our busy lives can occasionally cause dogs to get confused, anxious, worried or plain bored, and this results in them displaying behaviours that we humans find difficult to control and live with.  During this consultation, I will help you understand why your dog is displaying these behaviours, or behaviour, and work closely with you to help redirect your dog to change the behaviour so that you can live in harmony once again.
To alter your  dogs behaviour takes an understanding of how they learn, and how they see the world, so I use the most recent scientific research to develop a plan to help you work with your dog to overcome  behavioural problems.  
How Behaviour Consultation Works
  •  After your initial contact, I will have  a brief phone call with you to discuss the problem you are having with your dog.  If there are any urgent issues that need addressing, I will advise you how best to control and keep your dog safe,  until the consultation visit. I will ask you to book via the website and you will be sent a detailed questionnaire to fill in.  
  • I will also ask you to take your dog for a check up with your vet to rule out any medical issues.  Sometimes  unwanted behaviours are caused by medical issues that the dog keeps 'hidden' from us, so a check by your vet is very important.  I will send a referral form to you vet to sign.
  • I will then contact you to arrange a meeting at your home,  this will take between   1.5 - 2 hours.   Following this visit I will give you a detailed report and behaviour modification plan to follow, with tools and exercises to help manage the problem. I can then offer ongoing support  by phone or email.
  •   I will also advise wether additional visits, or training sessions are needed, and the costs invloved.  With certain behaviours, particulalry behaviours driven by anxiety such as  reactivity to other dogs,  a programme of  1 to 1 Training Sessions are really important.  Working closely with you enables me to build your dogs confidence and your confidence to help you manage your dogs behaviours by giving you tools to use, and practicing these in a safe controlled environment.
The techniques and training I use are all based on the latest research, are reward based, kind and effective.  Changing a dogs behaviour is not a quick fix, and requires dedication and understanding.  But I am here to help you all the way, and the pleasure in seeing positive results will make all the dedication worthwhile.
  • Nervousness or fearfulness when meeting other people or dogs. 
  • Aggression or reactivity towards people,
  • Aggression or reactivity towards other dogs or animals
  • Phobias and fearful behaviours, eg fear ot thunder or loud noises
  • Chasing cars, joggers, livestock.
  • General nervousness, fearfulness or anxiety. 
  • Being sick or not wanting to go in the car.
  • General training problems, lack of attention, bad  recall. Sometimes these are hidden reasons why a dog isn't responding.
  • Pulling on the lead, unruliness when out walking
  • Seperation anxiety
  • Destructive behaviour in the house
  • Resource guarding -  when your dog shows aggressive tendencies guarding things that are important to him, eg food, toys, sofa's, beds, areas of the house against humans or other dogs.
  • Problems with toilet training.

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